Tektronix 7854 oscilloscope

Besides being designed in the 1980, this instrument is so awesome that is simply refuses to retire. Using it for just a few years I've grown so fond of it and decided to share some of stuff I developed for it. The best source of information for this scope is the Tek Wiki:

7854 on Tek Wiki

Plenty of maintenance and other information can be found on the TekScopes mailing group:

TekScopes mailing group

Connecting the Tektronix 7854 oscilloscope to a modern PC

Here you can find a PC program I developed in LabVIEW which can talk to the 7854 using VISA compatible GPIB adapters. Such cheap USB-GPIB adapters can be purchased on eBay (e.g. Agilent 82357B USB-GPIB adapter clone). Program features at a glance:

- Acquire and transfer waveforms from the oscilloscope storage to the PC
- Display waveforms on the PC screen using standard and zoomed displays
- Save waveforms as .PNG images, .CSV files and .XLS spreadsheets
- Parse readout data and automatically set measurement units
- Different plugin type support: vertical + time base, X-Y, 7L5, 7L13 and 7L18 spectrum analyzers
- Upload of 7854 programs from the PC to the oscilloscope memory
- Issue custom commands to the oscilloscope

Some screenshots:

7854 Instrument Control7854 Instrument Control7854 Instrument Control7854 Instrument Control
Hardware requirements:

- A computer (laptop or PC) running Microsoft Windows operating system compatible with NI LabVIEW 2018. This program has been tested on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 10. Depending on the available GPIB adapter, a free USB port or a PCI/PCI-e slot will be required.
- IEEE-488 (GPIB) adapter or card with VISA compatibility. Currently this program has been tested using Agilent 82357B USB-GPIB adapter clone which can be purchased on eBay. Other VISA compatible adapters should work too.
- Tektronix 7854 oscilloscope with GPIB port. This program has been tested with an instrument having Option 2D (increased memory), but should work normally with the standard instrument as well. 7854 keyboard is mandatory for uploading and running 7854 programs.

Download links:

Program documentation

Program executable

This program is free, but can be used for non-commercial and educational uses only.

Option 12 (Mod FB) for Tektronix 7L5 early versions

Instructions on how to modify an early version (S/N below B069999) Tektronix 7L5 spectrum analyzer for compatibility with the 7854 mainframe. The modification is very similar in effect to the one described in Tektronix document “7L5 Mod FB” (or microfiche “7L5 Options”, Option 12) released for the newer 7L5 (S/N B070000 and above).

Download link:

7L5 conversion for the 7854