The Tower on Iriški Venac

This monumental 170m tall structure is located on one of the summits of Fruška Gora mountain (Iriški Venac, 516m ASL). In its former glory it represented the architectural style of socialist Yugoslavia, and unfortunately suffered the fate of the same country, almost. The tower has been badly damaged during the NATO bombing campaign of 1999, but despite the repeated attempts the rockets could not bring it down. The tower was temporarily put out of service as a result of the bombing raids, but without any doubt confirmed the skill and quality of Yugoslav engineering. The broadcast service has been restored, but unfortunately the tower received very limited repairs due to the lack of funding.

The structures surrounding the base of the tower were disintegrated by the bombs, but the concrete wall of the main column was barely scratched. Two rockets punctured through it, the one that hit the lower section obliterated the lower internal staircase (image 44), and the damage was contained. The other hit was in the middle of the main column, the rocket shot through and got out without exploding, tearing the internal structural walls (images 37-43). The damage disabled the elevators completely, so holes had to be drilled through the floors of the platforms so that upper levels could be reached (images 27-29). One of the most striking spots of the tower is the famous door that you have to go through in order to reach the upper levels (image 2). As you step out, a gaping hole opens in front of you (image 24 and 31), and you need to carefully step to the side to make your way.

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