The Church in Arača Village and The Lost City of Galad

Arača was a medieval village which existed for a very long time, documents clearly mention it between 1300. and 1720, but it is probably much older. The church is one of the oldest cultural monuments of Vojvodina, the present remnants date from 1228, but there is evidence that another church served as its base which dated between IX and XI century. The first destruction of the church came in 1280, and it was rebuilt in 1370. by Jelena Anžujska when a Gothic tower was also added. To defend against the Ottoman invasion, the church was converted into a fortress until it finally fell in 1551. when it was burnt. Due to harsh living conditions and high taxes, the population of Arača slowly declined until the village was deserted at around 1720.

Along with the church, medieval records mention the city and the fortress of Galad which existed somewhere on the banks of river Tisa. It is assumed that it fell in 1551. to Ottoman Turks and was destroyed together with Arača. The exact location of the city was pinpointed recently ('90s) after some excavations recovered traces of urban and military structures close to the present day village of Miloševo. All that remains today is a small hill surrounded by traces of defence trenches.